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What is mEdit?

medit was started in late 2007 when I realized that I needed a simple app that will help me organizing some notes related to my day to day tasks. I was trying to use textfiles for that, but as they grew bigger and bigger I was getting more and more frustrated. I saw a great tool called Leo ( and it inspired me to create a simple tool for myself.

mEdit is a simple note (plain text) taking application that organizes notes in a form of a tree.
mEdit is not an alternative to Evernote or OneNote - it's much simpler, doesn't have any capabilities of saving data to the cloud, doesn't support any kind of attachments etc. Think of mEdit as a 'notepad + treeview'. That's really it.




mEdit originally required .net Framework 2.0 to be installed on the machine. Recently I've converted the solution to VS 2010 and in the nearest future I plan to migrate from .net Framework 2.0 to 3.x (or even 4).

Please note, that this requirement may change in the nearest future, as I am planning to use Linq2XML.

mEdit also uses:
- managed wrapper to Scintilla text editor control - ScintillaNet (

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